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Mosquito System Installation
Contact us for a FREE, no obligation quote for a Pynamite mosquito misting system.  We will meet with you, discuss your needs and concerns, and provide a quote specific to your yard so you know exactly what you are getting.

We proudly install the Pynamite mosquito misting system in the greater Houston area. Pynamite is the state of the art, fully customizable, most reliable mosquito misting system on the market. And the best part is you won’t have a big ugly tank in your yard.

The Pynamite Cube features a custom designed 26 inch Cube tank. Don’t let it’s small footprint fool you though, at only 26 inches cubed, it is still 55 gallons! A Pynamite Cube can be placed anywhere in your yard or property. You can plug it in and forget about it or purchase an optional solar panel and run the Pynamite Cube with the power of the sun. This unique mosquito misting system doesn’t need to be connected to a power outlet or a hose bib – try that with another misting system.

And if you opt for the optional solar panel you can take advantage of the Residential Renewable Energy Credit and get a tax rebate of 26% off the price of the entire system and installation. Think of the money savings!
System Repair and Service
At Loco Mosquito we’re happy repair and service both new and existing automated misting systems. Pricing is determined by scope of the service and estimates are always free and no obligation.

Not sure who installed your system? We can work on any system, not just Pynamite systems. Want to add more nozzles or change the placement? Feel free to contact us with any service request you might have. Nozzles clogged and you are not sure what to do? Contact us, we can help.

Services we offer: repair faulty nozzles and tubing, upgrade misting pumps and tanks, repair damaged tubing, winterize and spring start up.
Refill Service
Loco Mosquito also offers refill service to meet you needs. We don’t obligate with you with annual contracts. We can refill your system on a schedule that meets your needs or just when you call.

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"Took no time at all. Sat outside that night and didn't get a single bite. Even left my dog alone. I'm a believer."
- Margo A.


"Good system and great install. I had a hose bust and he was there the next day to repair, free of charge. I've been using the system all summer. Without it, our backyard was unusable. Not cheap, but this is the biggest hammer you can get in this fight."
- Hudson W.


"Just wanted to pass along a huge thank you to Loco Mosquito for installing a wonderful system! Chuck was extremely honest, professional, and prompt. He explained the systems, our options, and had us mosquito free in time for our Memorial Day BBQ! We couldn't be more pleased."
- Jacki C.


"Very professional. Great customer service and follow up. If you are looking for a solution for eliminating mosquitoes, you found your solution. Family owned."
- Hamid P.

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